What are Different cut of Moissanite?

Different cut of Moissanite is a popular diamond alternative that has gained significant popularity in recent years. One of the unique features of moissanite is the different cuts it comes in. It can be cut into various shapes and sizes to enhance their brilliance and fire. Each cut has its own set of characteristics that make it suitable for different styles of jewelry and occasions. In this article, we will explore some of the popular Cut of Moissanite available in the market and what makes them stand out from one another.

Different cut of Moissanite

This gemstone is known for its durability and brilliance, making it an excellent choice for engagement rings and other jewelry pieces. With its reasonable prices, moissanite has become a preferred option for budget-conscious shoppers.

Following are different cut of moissanite;

Different cut of Moissanite

The crushed ice moissanite cut

The crushed ice moissanite cut is a new and exciting way to showcase the brilliance and fire of this popular gemstone. The crushed ice cut features multiple small facets that are arranged in a random pattern. This creates an incredible amount of sparkle and gives the stone a more natural look, as if it were formed by nature itself. The crushed ice cut also helps hide any inclusions or flaws within the stone.

The brilliant-cut of moissanite-for best cut of moissanite

The brilliant-cut moissanite is the most popular and highly sought-after cut for this stunning gemstone. This is stands out among all other cuts. This cut enhances the natural brilliance and fire of the stone, making it more dazzling than any other shape or cut. The facet pattern maximizes light reflection throughout the stone, giving it a bright white sparkle and rainbow-like flashes “fire.

Some popular cut of moissanite

Moissanite has gained immense popularity in recent years. It is a lab-created mineral that looks very similar to a diamond but comes at a fraction of the cost. The best part about moissanite is that it can be cut into various shapes and sizes just like diamonds.

Some cuts stand out more than others when it comes to fire and shine.

Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite

Round brilliant cut moissanite is a beautiful, high-quality gemstone that has been gaining popularity in recent years.  One of the reasons why round brilliant cut moissanite has become so popular is because it looks very similar to diamond. The round brilliant cut is one of the most classic and timeless cuts for diamonds, and it also works very well on moissanite. Round brilliant cut moissanite is that it has better clarity than most diamonds.

Square cut moissanite

One of the most sought-after shapes for moissanite is the square cut, also known as princess cut. This shape features sharp corners and distinct facets that give it a modern yet classic look. Square cut moissanites are versatile enough to be used in engagement rings, earrings, pendants, and other types of jewelry. They offer a timeless elegance that never goes out of style.

Oval Cut moissanite

Oval cut moissanite is becoming increasingly popular for engagement rings and other fine jewelry pieces. The oval cut is one of the most popular cuts for moissanite because it gives the stone a classic and elegant look. The elongated shape of the oval cut also makes fingers appear slimmer and longer. This cut is versatile enough to be paired with various settings.

Cushion cut Moissanite

Different cut of Moissanite

Cushion cut moissanite is one of the most popular shapes for this gemstone. It is characterized by its square shape with rounded corners, giving it an elegant and timeless appeal. The cushion cut also enhances the stone’s brilliance, making it sparkle beautifully in any light. One of the biggest advantages of choosing cushion cut moissanite over diamonds is its affordability.  The cushion cut also offers versatility as it can be set in various styles of rings including solitaire, halo or vintage settings.

Eme raid cut Moissanite

The Eme raid cut is one of the most popular cuts for moissanite, as it enhances the stone’s inherent fire and brilliance. This unique cut features 89 facets that create an intricate pattern of light reflection, resulting in an unparalleled level of sparkle and shine. It also features a round shape with Softened Edges.

Pearl cut Moissanite

The pearl cut features numerous small facets that create a beautiful, shimmering effect when light passes through the stone. Pearl cut moissanite can be used in a variety of jewelry designs, including engagement rings, earrings, and necklaces. One of the biggest advantages of choosing pearl cut moissanite over other gemstones is its durability. Moissanite ranks 9.

Radiant cut Moissanite

The radiant cut Moissanite has 70 facets in total which creates an impressive display of light and color.  With its rectangular or square shape, it provides excellent coverage on a ring finger. One of the things that make radiant cut Moissanites so desirable is their impressive fire and brilliance.

Marquise cut Moissanite

Different cut of Moissanite

The marquise cut is a long, narrow shape with pointed ends that gives the stone a unique look and elegant feel. The elongated shape of the marquise cut also makes it appear larger than other cuts of the same carat weight. This means you can get more bang for your buck when choosing a marquise cut moissanite engagement ring compared to other diamond shapes.

Princess cut Moissanite

Princess cut moissanite is one of the most popular types of moissanite cuts on the market today. This elegant and timeless cut has become a favorite among brides-to-be who are looking for a diamond alternative that sparkles just as brilliantly but at a fraction of the cost. The princess cut moissanite is especially ideal for those who want to achieve a more sophisticated yet classic look.

Heart cut Moissanite

The heart cut moissanite features 58 facets arranged in the shape of a heart. This unique cut emphasizes the brilliance and fire of the stone, making it truly sparkle in any light. The heart shape also adds sentimental value, making it an ideal choice for engagement rings or anniversary gifts.


The various Different cut of Moissanite offer a wide range of options for those seeking a unique and stunning gemstone. From the traditional round brilliant cut to the more modern princess and cushion cuts, each shape brings its distinct beauty to the table. Whether you prefer a classic and timeless look or want something more contemporary and eye-catching, Moissanite has a cut that will suit your style.

So, take some time to explore the different amounts available and find the one that speaks to you. With its exceptional brilliance and durability, Moissanite is sure to become a cherished addition to any jewelery collection. Start your search today and discover the incredible possibilities that await with this extraordinary gemstone.


Which cut of Moissanite is the best?

The round brilliant cut is very popular. It has 58 facets that reflect light and make it sparkle. It is a timeless and versatile choice for engagement rings. The cushion cut is also popular. It has rounded corners and large facets that make Moissanite shine and give it a vintage look. The cushion cut is loved for its romantic and elegant appearance.

Which cuts make Moissanite is the bigger?

The size of a Moissanite is determined by its cut. The most popular cuts for Moissanite are the round brilliant and the cushion cut. The round brilliant cut is known for its exceptional brilliance and fire. It has 58 facets that reflect light and make it look bigger than its actual weight. This cut is great for a classic and timeless look. The cushion cut has rounded corners and large facets that make the stone appear bigger. It’s perfect for a vintage or romantic style.

Which cut of Moissanite looks the most like a Diamond?

Many people prefer the round brilliant cut when looking for a Moissanite that looks like a diamond. This cut makes the stone sparkle and shine like a diamond by reflecting light in a similar way. The facets on this cut are positioned to mimic the brilliance of a diamond.